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"Thank you for stopping by Friday to help us out with our Men's Room problem!

I wanted to let you know that the janitors did a beautiful job!............Thank You "  Renton. 2013   

Arodal monitors customer service and satisfaction closely. Our goal is to provide a quality, dependable and worry free 24/7 cleaning service you won't hesitate recommending to others. Thanks to the invaluable feedback provided by customers and cleaners we've developed the tools and procedures necessary to follow through. 


You will always know who to contact, what to expect and speak to real people.      


Your Operations Support Group


Customer Service Line


24/7 - 365 support line.

Immediate response

Direct Email Contact


24 hour customer access to operations managers.

Mobile Communications


Requests and information input in real time.  Handheld technology. Accurate and tracked.

Area Manager Oversight


Regular client contact and

close oversight of account.

Evening Managers


Trouble shoots, undertakes regular

scheduled visits and reviews outcomes.

Quality Control in Action - We are never far away


   What happens when you have a request, question or concern?


  1. Contact us - our area and night managers can be reached by phone, text or email.

  2. We will log the time/subject and respond immediately. This service operates 24/7, 365 days a year.

  3. Our area manager will meet with you or call to discuss during office hours - your choice. 

  4. Questions or concerns will be documented and relayed to the evening manager for action.

  5. The evening manager will meet with your cleaning crew on-site to review/address your concerns. 

  6. The area manager will contact you the next day during office hours with an update and plan of action. 

  7. We will continue to monitor the situation until both sides agree the problem has been resolved.


In the rare event that we fail to resolve your concern or you decide we are no longer

a good fit, take advantage of Arodal's 30 day, no questions asked cancellation policy.



Your satisfaction is our first priority

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